Current Obsession— Stackable Rings! 

It’s time to stack those rings for a new look! Stacking rings is one of mine and my daughter’s favorite things to do with jewelry.

A stack is typically between 3 and12 rings. While the trend began with bridal jewelry to interlock your love with different shapes, gemstones, and metals, we love styling stacks with or without engagement rings included!

Popular once years ago, stacking rings were worn as small add on wedding bands in plain metal colors. Metal bands and have grown to include gemstones and diamonds.

Now, many clients love to stack rings using the birthstone colors of their children or the entire family.  Did you know it is an old tale that wearing your mother’s birthstone will bring you the best luck in love and financial prosperity? Consider it the Feng Shui of jewelry!

To help you get your stack going we are offering 20% OFF any stackable ring purchase. Use code STACK2020 when you shop online.

Some favorites to start your stack!








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