Blue— regal, captivating, dynamic. A stunning blue can be as versatile and longstanding as tried and true black. And when looking at gemstones, there is no shortage of blue to fall in love with.

While the deep blue sapphire might get the most attention as the birthstone for September, there are other blue gemstones worth knowing. There is a wide range of precious blue gems, including tanzanite, blue topaz, and sapphire, all with their own individual appeal and unique characteristics. Here are a few things to know about each— plus some of our favorite blue gemstone jewelry! 

Blue Gemstones to Know and Love: Tanzanite, Blue Topaz, and Sapphire



A one-of-a-kind gemstone, Tanzanite is known for its exotic deep blue color with a rich overtone of purple. This stone is named after Tanzania, where it was first found in 1967. This popular blue gemstones comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and striking assortments of blue tones. Tanzanite is a birthstone for December and is also the suggested gemstone for the 24th wedding anniversary.


Blue Topaz

Loved for its beauty blue hues, blue topaz is one of December’s official birthstones, the 4th wedding anniversary stone, and the state gemstone of Texas. Topaz is believed to enhance communication and self- expression. Blue topaz is a stone of peacefulness, calming to the emotions, and ideal for meditation.



Last but not least is the beautiful sapphire, a classic in many jewelry collections. This stone has been revered for centuries, associated with royalty, truth, sincerity and faithfulness.

Sapphires are rich in color, classic in style, and popular throughout history. Those born in the month of September are lucky enough to call this magical gemstone their birthstone. But did you also know sapphire is also a traditional anniversary gift for four wedding anniversaries? Folklore tells that sapphires will protect loved ones from envy and harm and grant the wearer spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. They are believed to offer healing properties for rheumatism, colic, and mental illness. Sapphires are also considered an antidepressant.



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